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I’m in the mood for a bunch of sad songs and lots of tears.

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not a very good night…

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I found porn 

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Writer’s block.

Fuck this shit and the fucking thing that fucks up every single fucking thing because fuck it!

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Lets talk about bullying, shall we?

My 4 year old niece is being bullied. Yes, 4 fucking years old and she’s already going through the same shit that I went through. God. Anyways, there’s this girl who calls her names and tells her nasty things and treats her like shit, basically. She’s as old as she is and sometimes my niece comes home crying because of this little kid (I was going to say little bitch but that’s kinda cruel isn’t it?) and the things she says. What suprises me the most about this, besides the age thing like how can a kid be so awful?, is her mom’s reaction. When she told me about this the first thing I asked her was “What did you do?” and her response was “I told her to forget about it and be strong and get over it”. How can you possibly say to a little kid to forget about it or get over it?? How?? She’s being treated badly, being insulted at her young age, receiving all kinds of cruel words from someone who’s supposed to be a friend??  You know what I would do? Talk to the kid’s mom and say “Why don’t you teach your goddamn kid to be respectful, to be nice, and to have a fucking heart because she’s fucking 4 years old and she shouldn’t be saying ‘you’re not pretty and you’re stupid’ to a classmate” I wouldn’t even yell at the kid, I would yell at her mother because she hasn’t teach her shit.

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If you had to choose one of your original characters to be friends with, who would you choose and why?

oh shit. FYI you’re killing me here. Have you seen all the characters I’ve created?? TONS. I have to chose only one?? omg


Okay right now my love for TJ has no limits. So I’m gonna have to say TJ. Why? Well he’s like the type of guy you would call at 3 am and tell him “I had a nightmare and I’m scared” and he would complain at first but then he would say “Do you want to talk about it?” and then listen and help you in whatever you need. He’s also the kind of guy you wish you could be more than friends with but you’re too scared to do something because you would ruin a perfect friendship :)

God now I want a friend like him! jfc why aren’t you real TJ? WHY!!

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I’m getting distracted…by puppies. Puppies everywhere….

Gaaaaaaawd this is gonna take forever!

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I really do wanna finish chapter 7. But the world…the whole universe does not let me do it!

Like dude excuse you I’m trying to be a writer here!

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Watching Sabrina the teenage witch makes me super happy.

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My Tumblr Crushes:batsonthebrain (12%)fefefeferniss (9%)renninflight (5%)saimonmonroe (4%)sunshine-and-pie (4%)fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment (4%)countryr0ads (4%)afuckingtroll (3%)downtherabbitholeproductions (3%)
My Tumblr Crushes:
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