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I have no idea what the hell happened with my phone. One minute it has almost 60% of battery and then like an hour later it has just 2??

I’m confused…

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I have an idea for a fic that I know will never write, but I have to write that idea otherwise I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

Okay so I have no idea what to do next. DO I watch “Brooklyn Nine Nine”? Do I keep reading Obidala fics? or do I play Lego Star Wars?????

decisions decisions!

Dear Chips company:

Do you have to make the bag so fucking noisy?

Sincerily, someone who’s trying to eat in the middle of the night WITHOUT waking anyone up.

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6 selfies that make me feel good about myself

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I know this are not exactly selfies, but I don’t take selfies, unless its on the computer, so I’m gonna cheat a bit :)

oh and picture 1 is my mom and me and the last pic is my bro and me :)

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missmindylahiri replied to your post: Oh my shit I lost two followers

their loss

:) you’re a doll.

Oh my shit I lost two followers

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and dude I didn’t have to kill someone yay!

Sometimes I wonder, when I die and if I don’t go to heaven and I go to hell instead, maybe I’ll be surrounded by this type of women…like small clones telling me all the things I hate about myself. Or maybe I’m already in hell. Maybe this is MY hell.

oh gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwdddd

I hope she never finds this blog because if she does she’ll realize how much I hate her.